Beeswax Crayons


Our beeswax crayons are made with pure beeswax and edible colouring, making them non – toxic and safe for children.

Each box contains 8 crayons, hand poured with love.

Please note : We have received an overwhelming number of orders. Considering the crayons are being made in small batches and that we are a small team, we will need about 2 weeks from the date of order to dispatch it. Please bear with us.




This box contains 8 beeswax crayons.

  • Non Toxic
  • Made with Edible Colouring
  • Safe for Children
  • Easy Grip
Beeswax comes from beehives. Each hive is home to one queen bee, hundreds of drone bees and thousands of worker bees. The worker bees produce wax in their stomach and use it to build hexagon shaped cells in which they store honey. When the flowers are in bloom, indigenous people venture deep into the forest to harvest small batches of honey and wax using knowledge and skills passed down over generations.